ROLMONICA The automatic musical instruments have been used over the period of four hundred years. These automatic musical instruments such as organs, pianos, violins, harps and harmonicas used a type of music either in the form of a barrel attached with small pins, or perforated paper. The early 20th century was their golden age, however, the companies which produced them were in decline in 1930s.

Mason & Hamlin Ampico (Reproducing Piano)
American 1925
Mills Viorano Virtuoso Mills Viorano Virtuoso
American 1910's
Artizon Military Band Organ Artizon Military Band Organ
American circa 1922
Mortier Fairground Dance Organ Mortier Fairground Dance Organ
Belgian 1920
Wurlitzer Model B Orchestrion Wurlitzer Model B Orchestrion
American 1910's
Barrel organ by James Davis
English circa 1800
Limonaire Band Organ
French 1905
Fotoplayer style 20
American 1920
Organette Sikohkin
Japannese circa 1900
Ariosa Organette
Deutsche circa 1910
Automatic Accordion
Deutsche circa 1910
Mechanical Zither
German 1910's
Arubro Dance Organ
Belgian 1950's
Street Orgen with BANDMASTER (by Frenz Orhrlein)
German 1980's
and others...

The others
Photoplayer Style 20
Concerto Orchestrion Style No.11M
Wurlitzer Tonphone
Aeolian Orchestrelle Player Reed Organ
Street Orgen"Comedian of Venice"

Total: about 50