GRAMOPHONE In 1887, T.Edison invented a phonograph which used a cylinder type record. Later on, E.Berliner created a disk type record. The quality of the sound of record improved duw to the development of recording technology during 1920s. This promoted the spread of phonographs at home, shops and radio stations, which marked the dawn of the generation of Phonographs.

Edison Tim-Foil Phonograph Edison Tim-Foil Phonograph
American circa 1880
HMV Trade Mark Gramophone HMV Trade Mark Gramophone
English 1900's
EMG Mark X Gramophone EMG Mark X Gramophone
English circa 1930
Edison Class M Duplex Phonograph Edison Class M Duplex Phonograph
American circa 1893
The others
Edison Opera Phonograph
Edison Concert Phonograph
Victor Victrola Credenza
HMV Model 202 Gramophone
Mikiphone Pocket Gramophone
Total: 26